SHABBAT begins on Friday evening and concludes on Saturday evening. It's a weekly time (traditionally 25 hours) for us to focus on what really matters: gratitude for our lives and our communities, and the growth of our spiritual connectedness. We take the opportunity to pray, sing, meditate, and study together at Shabbat services. 

Chabad's services take place on Friday evenings and Shabbat mornings.

Friday Evening Services begin at 6:30 pm in the autumn/winter and at 7:30 pm in the spring/summer. Services are filled with song and last approximately 1 hour. (Celebrate Shabbat-at-Home, with a how-to guide and blessings.)

Shabbat Morning services begin at 9:30 am and run until shortly after noon. Prayer, Torah reading, and Rabbi Herson's sermon applying Torah values to our daily lives make for an introspective and empowering way to sanctify Shabbat. Kiddush Luncheon follows services. Over challah and a light lunch celebrate your birthday, anniversary, or other family occasion by sponsoring a kiddush. It is a beautiful way of sharing your personal celebration with the community.

Note: Some people “dress up” for Shabbat and Holiday services, wearing business casual or business formal. Casual dress is fine; we just need to respect the prayer environment. (The synagogue has kippot (head coverings) and prayer shawls available for your use.)