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For Not By Matzah Alone....

Thursday, 5 April, 2012 - 7:16 am

Okay, so I editorialized a little. The verse actually says “it is not by BREAD alone that the human lives, but by the word of G-d…” (Deut.8:3)
But bread, matzah or potato chips, what does this verse actually mean?
Chassidic thought teaches that there is holiness embedded in all of the world’s objects. G-d created everything with a purpose, a spark of potential meaning; and a specific article’s objective is its very ‘soul’. When you purposefully engage an object or respond to a situation – whether it’s your pen, a tuna sandwich, or a heated moment - you fan that spark of meaning into a blaze.
So life is like a big treasure hunt, as we search for the nuggets of
meaning to be found in our daily lives.
In this sense, foods have their own spark of meaning; their own Divine ‘word’ i.e. holy purpose, which creates the ‘soul’ of its very
existence. As such, Kabbalistic writings teach that ingesting food in a conscious and meaningful way (e.g. to gain strength to live a life as our Creator intended), helps us access two levels of the food’s nutrition: A. The physical, which discharges material nutrients into our bloodstream B. The spiritual, because our intent unleashes the food’s Divinity to nourish our souls.
While all foods have spiritual nutrients, but there’s something
special about Matzah. The Zohar, Kabbalah’s pre-eminent textbook, calls Matzah ‘the food of Faith’. Eating the Matzah as a Mitzvah, and with spiritual consciousness, injects the nutrient of faith into oursoul’s ‘bloodstream’.
That’s the way it was 3300 years ago. When the Jews left Egypt, they were aware of G-d (after all, they’d just witnessed ten plagues), but the top-of-the-head-to-the-bottom-of-the-toes recognition, the super-rational, spiritually intimate connectedness, didn’t kick in until they ate Matzah.
And that’s the way it still is. Matzah is the gift of faith, in food
form. When we sit down to the Seder next Friday night, let’s remember that Matzah is much more than the brittle cracker you’re holding in your hand. Understand that it’s “Not by Matzah alone…”
There’s A Divine energy there. So connect with Matzah’s spiritual
gift, and nourish your soul.
I bet it’s hungry.

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Alimbek wrote...

I can't tell you how happy this makes me. Having eaten thousands of matzo balls over the years and being a HUGE fan of Kimchee this post made me smile.