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Happy Birthday!

Thursday, 18 March, 2010 - 12:39 pm

 Dear Zimmer Parents,


It was 11:45 and Morah Batsheva popped her head into my office, "Morah Malkie, I'd like to show you something. Can you please come for a minute?" These kinds of requests from the teachers usually mean that there is something awesome going on in the classroom and they are inviting me in to be part of it.
"Sure!" I said.
I followed her out and the most AMAZING sight was waiting for me: There, in the lobby was 60 of the most beautiful pairs of eyes looking at me. "Surprise!" they all shouted gleefully. "Happy birthday!"
They showered me with cards. The messages were so sweet!
I needed a whole bunch of fingers to show them how old (!!) I am.
(For the record, I needed 8 hands...go on, you do the math...)
Parents, you have raised the most beautiful children, children who will surely grow up to be an asset to this world. They share their love so willingly. Their joy and beautiful personalities are infectious. I feel honored to be part of their educational journey.
A newly-minted 40-year-old,
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Cherlin wrote...

I cnaont tell a lie, that really helped.