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Thursday, 15 February, 2024 - 3:05 pm


Why did G-d create us? It’s the existential question of questions.  

For insight, let’s look at the Jews’ journey from spiritual debasement and physical abuse in Egypt to national and individual self-actualization, through receiving the Torah and settling in the Promised Land.

When we stood at Mount Sinai, G-d told us how we could use our human liberty to lead meaningful lives. Our purpose in freedom, and in life itself, was to imbue our lives with the holiness of Higher living. In the words of our early Sages: G-d taught us that the purpose of existence is to make a ‘home’ for G-d in our lives.

G-d didn’t just give us a religion, a way for people to access holiness on regular occasions – annually, weekly or daily – through ritual practices. G-d gave us a way of life. G-d gave us the Torah which  enables us to sanctify our otherwise-mundane lives, our work, our play, our meals, etc. This approach guides us to elevate a mundane exercise by first considering – and adopting - its G-dly purpose.

G-d is always relevant, because strengthening our relationship with G-d is always at the core of our life pursuits. Even in our difficult moments, when we’re in the throes of our Egypts, G-d wants us to trust that He is with us, that we’re never alone. Maintaining that attitude is making G-d ‘at home’ in our lives.

Inviting G-d into life occasionally, even on frequent occasion, is having G-d as a [frequent] visitor. G-d wants more, because we can make G-d our consistent North Star, our trusted support.

Indeed, immediately after we received the Torah, G-d told the Jews to build a Tabernacle, a physical structure in which they could commune with the Divine. This was a place where they could palpably feel their ever-present connectedness to G-d, where they could make G-d at home within them.

In other words: G-d wants to dwell within each of us, and is only waiting for us to open the door of our hearts and minds.

Jews in Israel, and across the globe, are going through a particularly challenging time right now.

We should recognize that we are not alone. The IDF, G-d protect each one of them, is doing amazing work and Jewish communal organizations are standing up against Jew-hatred. Ultimately, we depend on G-d’s protection.

Let’s do our part in making G-d at home in our lives. Take a moment. Think about what G-d needs from you to today. And welcome G-d home.

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