Tuesday, 16 November, 2021 - 2:33 pm

 Resistance. It is the act of repudiating the status quo.

The term conjures up great struggles against oppressive power.  The American Revolution, the underground resistance movements during World War II.  That is external resistance.

I want to discuss a different kind of resistance – internal resistance. Resistance in the inner recesses of our hearts and minds. 

Do we have the courage to resist ourselves? Do we have the fortitude to forcefully confront our own habits and norms?

An internal revolution is vital for human growth, but it takes courage and strength.

We raise our children to respect rules of decency, protocol and religious observance – and healthy habits and traditions can make for a good status quo. But simply following the beaten path isn’t good enough; we need to disrupt ourselves. Rebellion WITHIN the discipline is vital.

When we’re in a proper functional rhythm, our souls can still be asleep. One can go through the motions of being a loyal spouse or parent, while one’s brain is at the office, the gym or the mall. We can perform good deeds without any fire in the belly or pro-active consciousness.

If we’re living a life of complacency and self-satisfaction, a life without the passion to rise up against ourselves, have we not become ‘spiritual bourgeoisie’? That would call for revolution.

And we want a Divine uprising too.

G-d’s [meta]physical system has been our established order since time began. But it’s time for a radical change. It’s time for G-d to buck His own system, and bring out the meaning and beauty - the Harmonious Oneness - that’s inherent in our world.

We call that a world of Moshiach – a Messianic era. A world actualized.

And it’s G-d’s promise to humanity: When we rise up against our limitations, G-d will also rise up.

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