This May Be It!

Friday, 6 March, 2020 - 11:39 am

Most of us know the basic Purim story:
2500 years ago, the Jews were in trouble. Haman, a wicked advisor to the Persian King Ahaseurus, had engineered an evil decree to exterminate the entire Jewish population.
Unbeknownst to almost everyone, including the King, the Jews had an ‘inside woman’ at the palace: Esther, Queen of the entire Empire, was a Jewess! What’s more, she was related to Mordechai, a prominent Jewish leader at the time.
The Jews rallied and spiritually rejuvenated themselves, while Esther worked her magic to save the Jews.

The end.

Or not. Since the story is replete with messages for life today.
Let's look at one:
When Mordechai finds out about Haman's terrible plan, he sends a secret message to Queen Esther about the impending danger, imploring her to beseech the King. Queen Esther sent back a chagrined response that basically says: "This is terrible; but there's very little I can do. I haven't been summoned to the King's quarters for a month now. We all know that no one - under penalty of death - can come to the King's quarters unbidden. Really wish I could help."
Mordechai responds with a theological statement that re-frames her world: "If you choose to keep silent, relief and deliverance will come to the Jews from elsewhere. Who knows whether it was just for this purpose that you were able to attain a royal position?!?”

In other words, Mordechai is saying: You are in a unique position to help people. That’s not an accident. It may very well be that this opportunity is the entire reason G-d enabled you to achieve what you have achieved.

It’s an inspiring, yet weighty, thought. When I find myself in a position to make a difference, I need to take a moment to recognize that what has presented itself isn’t a burden. It's an opportunity. It may very well be a chance  for me to actualize G-d's intent in my existence, or at least the Divine objective for a specific area of my life.

None of us knows exactly what G-d has in mind for our lives, but we know it's something.  Your next choice may just be it.

Happy Purim!

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