My Exodus, Your Exodus

Thursday, 23 January, 2020 - 12:14 pm

So how are your New Year’s resolutions doing?

Researchers claim that 80% of those personal commitments never materialize. Why would that be?

Of course, we really mean it when we commit; but we’re ingenious at outsmarting ourselves. 
Counterintuitive as it may sound, it can feel good to acknowledge our weaknesses, feel internal dissatisfaction at a personal status quo, and then move on, just as were.

After that kind of introspective honesty, we can pat ourselves on the back, congratulating ourselves on the grueling step of self-honesty, and consider our work complete.

Because, we often don't REALLY want to change.
Chassidic thought calls this a ‘Pharaoh syndrome.' Our nation's story of the Exodus from Egyptian oppression is also a personal narrative. It depicts our continuous struggle for freedom from our personal 'Egypts' (impediments to self-actualization). Our internal Pharaoh stands in the way of our personal freedom.

Pharaoh’s primary problem was a ‘hardened heart'. That means Pharaoh understood that his actions were self-destructive and bringing ruin upon his country, but he couldn’t get over the hump of behavior modification. He even fleetingly agreed to stop the madness. He resolved to change, but his heart wouldn't allow him to translate his awareness into action.
That is the challenge of our personal, internal 'Pharaoh', which stubbornly disregards our own logic so it can cling to “comfortable” self-destructive behavior.
How does one defeat a Pharaoh? Find a Moses, the Moses within you.
Moses -- your personal ‘Moses’ -- is the image of absolute commitment, pushing past Pharaoh’s constraints. Your inner 'Moses' disregards the voices in your head telling you change is impossible, and selflessly propels you toward that beckoning image of your 'Highest Self’.

The ‘Moses’ level of commitment flows from such a deep place, it has so much momentum, that it can't be obstructed by the 'Pharaoh Syndrome'. Your ‘Moses’ is energized by commitment to a higher calling, which is on a totally different wavelength than Pharaoh’s self-indulgent persona.

Your ‘Moses’ sees your resolution as part of your commitment to G-d, as an exercise in your relationship with your Destiny, as an expression of your very reason for existence.

With commitment like Moses, failure isn’t an option and excuses can’t obstruct your way.

Just ask Pharaoh.

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