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Unscrambling Life's Messages

Friday, 10 January, 2020 - 9:40 am

A special person in your life leaves you four pieces of paper.  The first one you look at contains the letter V, the next the letter E, the third the letter O and the last the letter L.


You now have four papers with letters that seem random and without meaning. Then it hits you ‑‑ the letters spell the word LOVE, and you feel the rush that comes with an endearing gesture.

Once you adjusted your perspective, and put the jumbled letters into proper context, you saw an affectionate communication that streamed a glow of warmth and light into your life.

Now think about the day before you.

Kabbalistically speaking, letters are a metaphor for the events and objects of our lives. In a world where meaning is hidden, we often see life as a de-contextualized jumble that doesn’t make much sense.

Do we just shrug our shoulders and assume that there’s no meaning to be found? Or do we keep searching for the message?

Say you'll soon be spending an hour with a client, or running family errands. In and of themselves, such hours come and go and are pretty unremarkable in the scope of your life.

They’re just a jumble of meaningless random letters in the book of your life.
But now put them into context. G-d created each of us for an objective that is unique to us, which is why G-d found it necessary to create each of us. G-d wants you and me to lead purpose-driven lives, focused on our responsibilities to our Creator and to the world around us. To G-d, that’s really important.

When we adopt a mindset consistent with G-d‘s objective for us and we appreciate how our tasks – like a client meeting or laundry – are not random tasks, but rather, parts of the fabric of a potentially meaningful life, we have taken a positive step toward fulfilling our purpose.

Our daily prayer is an exercise to help us achieve this mindset. Prayer helps us to focus on our purpose and re‑arrange life’s details ‑‑ the seemingly random letters ‑‑ into a meaningful quilt.

Prayer helps to free us from the trap of meaninglessness and elevate the ‘mundane details’ so that they’re re-experienced as part of a cosmically meaningful journey through life.  That’s a reason our Sages call Prayer ‘redemptive’.

It’s up to you. Free yourself

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