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Finding Zion

Friday, 9 August, 2019 - 9:54 am

Have you ever had a moment of mental and emotional clarity, when you understood your very reason for being?

Have you ever sat and contemplated: “Why am I here?” and actually come up with an answer?

A sense of purpose is crucial – actually indispensable – for living a life of meaning. When we have a raison d’etre, life’s details fall into place and sanity begins to reign. We no longer struggle to make sense of our lives. To the contrary, we can now allow destiny to express itself through our daily choices. Life is no longer about us and our desires, it’s all about the mission. The objective.

It’s a liberating and inspiring place to be.

Spiritually speaking, the word, ‘Zion,’ refers to that place.

Let’s unpack the word: Scripturally, Zion usually refers to Jerusalem/Israel, or the Jews as a people.

Linguistically, ‘Zion’ means a ‘sign’ or a ‘symbol’.

What is the core function of a sign? The dictionary defines a ‘sign’ as “any object, action, etc., that conveys a meaning.”

So Zion means a mechanism to convey a direction, a meaning.

So you and I are G-d’s signposts, to each other and the world.

Our deepest identity is to be a Zion - a ‘sign’. We are each a functionary whom G-d created to ‘convey direction and meaning’. We are each designed to live lives which announce that G-d creates everyone for a purpose, to proclaim that Higher Purpose should be our central focus, eclipsing our short-term desires.

That’s the Zion identity, and now is a specific time for ‘Zion’ focus.  

Tomorrow, Shabbat, is the 9th day of Av, known as Tisha B’Av (we usually fast on this day, but in deference to Shabbos, we postpone the fasting until Saturday night and Sunday). Tomorrow, we’ll read “Isaiah’s Vision,” predicting the tragedies we bring upon ourselves through unfocused, selfish living.

Yet Isaiah gives us an antidote: “Zion will be redeemed through the Law (Torah) and its captives through Righteousness” – we ‘redeem’ ourselves when we acknowledge our own ‘Zion’ identity, when we embrace our purpose as a Divine sign in the world.

Zion is your soul’s essence, and it’s waiting to be expressed.

In advance of Tisha B’Av, Isaiah reminds us that life’s journey isn’t about creating meaning; it’s about finding what’s already there.

Find your essence and let it breathe.

It’s time for Redemption.

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