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Get Out There and Lead

Friday, 31 May, 2019 - 10:11 am

Do you matter?
In the scope of this massive universe, does your life have any real import?
The answer is yes.
Absolutely. No matter who you are.
If G-d created you, and perpetuates your existence, He obviously has a purpose for you. If you're alive, then you certainly have something – a contribution G-d deems important - to give to this world.

So you matter.
We each need to look at our circumstances at any given moment, and influence our respective lives in a meaningful direction. Influencing the world means you don’t get sucked into the world’s maelstrom, and embroiled in its pettiness, so that the world is controlling and influencing you. 

We lead.

I lead my life. You lead yours.

We’re all leaders. 
To achieve your mission you need to stay true to your vision, staying above the fray and choosing your actions with deliberate wisdom. 
For the past six weeks, the Jewish calendar has been taking us through an exercise which we call the Omer, where we’ve been grappling with our internal dynamics. We’ve been growing and developing our psychological and spiritual personas in preparation to receive the Torah on the Holiday of Shavuot (which begins on the night of June 8th).

Thus far, we’ve been concentrating on:
1. How we emotionally connect with people 
2. How we manage our 'habit-traps' 
3. How we maintain internal focus on 'the vision' 
4. How we anchor our feelings in convictions and principles 
5. Our ability for flexibility and reconciliation 
6. Our internal focus 
We conclude week number 6 tonight. Tomorrow evening, Saturday night, we begin the home stretch, our final Omer week. We’ll focus on our ability to lead.

In mysticism, this is known as the art of ‘Malchut’ –Leadership and Influence.
Malchut/Leadership isn’t an internal rhythm like the other soul dimensions, it’s the delivery mechanism. Malchut/Leadership is exerting influence and making a difference in my little corner of the world.
Malchut/Leadership takes courage. 
Malchut/Leadership takes consideration and selflessness, because true leadership expresses a vision, not a personality. 
After six weeks, the Omer has (re)aligned our internal dynamics with our deeper Vision. Now it’s time to go out there and lead.

Because that’s what leaders do.

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