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Thanksgiving Feast is approaching...

Dear Zimmer and Olam Families:
Our Thanksgiving Feast is approaching- the children will be preparing for a joyous holiday celebration.
Malkie and I are writing to you to ask your help in giving our Feast a slight “twist” this year.
Our staff works tirelessly helping your children comprehend and internalize the concepts of thankfulness, helping, empathy, gratefulness, etc. We practice using caring words, word of gratitude and acting in kind and thoughtful ways to each other. We talk about respect for each other, for our parents, for other adults. We promote acts of kindness towards others. Some of our children will create cards to express these thoughts, some will sing songs, some will create short plays. Your child’s morah seeks to facilitate your child’s development, self awareness and self worth. The children spend many waking hours with caring adults who do this because it’s a life’s mission to spend their time and energy working with children and their families.
This year we want to enhance the experience. We’d like to suggest that as parents you/we spend a few moments thanking the morahs at school who mentor, guide and counsel your children.
Our “Feast program” will include a few minutes for you to create a card, note,
poem, picture- a written expression- that expresses thanks to your child’s teacher. The teachers are not aware of this part of the program and it will not be a shared activity with your child. Rather, it is an opportunity to create tangible adult to adult confirmation that we all appreciate the value of our teachers’ efforts. You need not think of an elaborate statement, a simple thank-you will do. At the end of the feast, we will leave a few moments for you to approach your child’s morah to give her your note or card.

Thank you for “lending” us your children all week long. We appreciate your confidence in our ability to create an emotionally safe, intellectually stimulating environment.

Thank you, in advance, for helping our morahs’ know how much you appreciate their commitment.
L’hitraot, see you at the Feast!
Malkie and Ann



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