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Ari singing!

Enclosed is an audio file of my son Ari singing a song for The Friendship Circle This organization’s mission is to support and befriend children with special needs, and their families. Ari was asked to sing this song as the background music for a video they are developing.
The song’s theme asks that we not forget, despite the inherent difficulties in raising a child with special needs, that G-d has a reason (although we may not understand) for creating each child and they deserve our love and respect.
As I was listening to the song, tears streaming down my face, I reflected on my own role as a parent. Although, none of my children have 'special needs' in the conventional sense and I cannot imagine the challenges it brings, I too must remember that each of my children – indeed, each human being – is 'special' and unique. Each of us has a 'leading role' to play in this world.
As parents and teachers, we have the moral imperative to “take out the time to…bring out her beauty from within”, to help actualize the incredible potential that lies within each of our children!
May we all have the strength to retain focus and grow from the challenges that life offers,
A meeting was held far from earth
With the angels and G-d above.
They said it is time again for another birth
This child will need much love.
And though her progress may seem slow
And accomplishments she may not show
Let's be careful where she's sent
We want her life to be content.

Please G-d find someone who
Will do this very special job for you.
And let them realize right away
The leading role they're asked to play.

And have them show her until the end,
They'll always be there as a friend.
And share a love so rich and strong,
That's the place where she'll belong.

Make sure her parents hold her close
And never miss a smile.
And when life gets hard hey will always know
She is a gift to them, this child.
Give her a friend to hold her hand,
Listen close and understand,
Take out the time to make her grin,
And bring out her beauty from within...
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