• TRIP TO NY : Walk the streets of Brooklyn, visit shops and museums. Each year, we make different stops, but a good time remains consistent.
  • ANNUAL EVENT : Our Annual Event is Chabad's fundraiser for the year. Held at the Grand Summit Hotel, each year features a unique program and entertainment. Open to all!
    (For Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur services, including Tashlich Riverside Service, click here.)
    Sukkot, the autumn holiday, brings so much opportunity! Building our Sukkah (outdoor hut, where we eat and celebrate for this 8-day holiday) is a favorite event for many. While the adults get busy with their tools, the kids make the decorations and shuck corn husks which are used for the Sukkah 'roof'. BBQ lunch is enjoyed by all. Over the course of the Sukkot holiday, we host a number of Sukkot parties. Ever eat under the stars in a Sukkah? An experience not to be missed. The family Sukkot party (in conjunction with preschool and Hebrew School) always features something fun!
    Simchat Torah dancing! You just gotta experience this yourself! A kids' program precedes the traditional spirited Hakafot dancing.
  • CHANUKAH: Every year features a fun family party, with fabulous entertainment and food! We then go outside to light the large Menorah on our front lawn. The light of the candles twinkle against the dark night sky. An all-adult party, with entertainment and Chanukah foods, rounds off the holiday.
  • TU BISHVAT : Referred to 'Jewish Arbor Day', our adult event is centered around nature, produce and the land of Israel. Whether by planting fig trees or picking vegetables, we reconnect with our environment and with the land of Israel.
  • PURIM: Is Purim the “funnest” Jewish holiday? On Purim eve, we read the Megillah (Scroll of Esther, describing the story behind the holiday), wildly shaking our graggers (noisemakers) to drown out the name of Haman, the wicked antagonist of the Purim story, have a masquerade and enjoy Hamantash cookies. Ever seen Rabbi Mendy in costume? On Purim day, our masquerade party features special entertainment for families. We exchange Mishloah Manot (food packages traditionally shared with friends) with each other.
  • PASSOVER: In the weeks before Passover, we have a fabulous wine-tasting event. Kosher wine companies feature their products, which are available for purchase. Our Community Seder, held on either the 1st or 2nd night of Passover, combines tradition, good food and loads of creativity. One year, we transformed the space into a desert with a tent and sand, encouraged those brave enough to don sandals, a head covering, and a walking stick. The Hagadah we use is of our own translation, featuring a psycho-spiritual take on the words of the text. Plenty of wine, food and fun! (Simultaneous kids program.)
  • LAG B'OMER : An outdoor day of celebration. A BBQ along with kite-flying, relay races, etc. is followed by a bonfire.
  • SHAVUOT : Ice cream! Cheese cake! Dairy delicacies! Celebrate the holiday on which G‑d gave us the Torah with our very popular ice cream party. Choose the flavor and the toppings and get licking! Torah's sweet, and so are the deserts!
  • SUMMER BBQ : A good way of taking the year into the summer. A music festival with good fun and good friends.
  • GAME NIGHT: AUCTION. ART. PLAY . The parent bodies of our schools organize this annual event as a fundraiser. Baskets of goodies are auctioned off, art created by the children is displayed, wine and cheese and games…perfect way to spend a Saturday night in the winter.
  • WOMEN: Monthly events throughout the year. Good discussion and friendships. Click here for the full roster.
  • TEENS: For teens, by teens. A club with monthly events, trips…combining socializing with social action. Click here for the full roster of Cteen events, and here for Grade8ers events.
  • YOUTH: In addition to a roster of family holiday events, each In addition to a roster of family holiday events, each of our schools have its own schedule of extra-curricular programs. Click here for Zimmer School; here Breitman Family Hebrew School.