A child's enrollment in Hebrew School reflects a family's commitment to Jewish education. However, despite the best efforts of any Jewish institution, educator, or program - it is the parents who play the most crucial role in the child’s Jewish identity and future.

Benefits of Getting Involved:

- Add your perspective and ideas to your child’s Hebrew School experience

- Model Jewish involvement to your child (actions speak louder than words!)

- Contribute a helping hand so that we can make our school the best school for your child!

Ways to Get Involved:

- Be a class parent

- Join the PTO

- Attend programs outside of school. (Adult education, family events, our children see their parents commitment to the Jewish experience.)



Child(ren)'s Name(s) 

Child(ren)'s Grade(s) 


I'd like to be a class parent.  Purpose: To engender a class group feel

Ideas: Class parent welcomes new families in their class, arrange a class 'play date' for their class once throughout the year, chair the annual Hebrew School Shabbat Dinner organize teachers' Chanukah and end of year gifts.
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I’d like to help plan events.
[Includes things like: participating in planning meeting, assuming a job within the planning committee, encourage attendance, set up.]

Community Chanukah Party         Date: Wednesday, December 17 (first night of Chanukah)

        Description: Help plan the Chanukah party for the entire Chabad community. 

Community Shabbat Dinner        Date: Friday, January 9

        Description: Organize a Shabbat dinner for the entire Chabad community.

 PTA Game Night Fundraiser (along with Preschool)         Date: Saturday, February 21

        Description: Our Annual PTA Fundraiser is held together with the Zimmer Preschool. Usually held on a Saturday night, this event is a fun way to interact with fellow parents. 

Community Purim Party         Date: Thursday, March 5

        Description: Help plan the Purim party for the entire Chabad community.

 Purim Baskets         Date: Thursday, March 5

        Description: One of the ways we celebrate the Purim holiday, is to send gifts of food to family and friends. Help us create beautiful baskets which families can purchase to be sent in their name throughout the community as a fun fundraiser for our Hebrew School.

Hebrew School Parent Social Night         Date: TBD

        Description: Organize a fun event for our Hebrew School parents to socialize during the week and without  the kids :)


Lag Ba’omer Community BBQ         Date: Thursday, May 7

        Description: Who doesn’t love a BBQ? The Lag Ba’omer Community BBQ is always a fun outdoor event.


Community Shabbat Dinner Al Fresco         Date: Friday, June 12

        Description: Organize a beautiful Shabbat dinner under the stars.

I’d like to serve as an usher and welcome people at events.


These are talents, skills or services I can offer Chabad:


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