While nothing beats intrinsic motivation, we are all helped a bit with external motivators. Welcome to the Prize System at Chabad Hebrew School;-)

Here are ways to earn points for prizes:

Attendance & Promptness:

As soon as our students arrive each day, they sign in to our high tech fingerprint system. This system keeps track of attendance per student: days attended and time they arrived. School starts at 9:00am. To be marked on time by the system, our students need to have been signed in by 9:05am. Each day attended is one point on the system. Arriving on time warrants an additional point.

Points are added up individually and by grade. Bi-yearly (mid-year and at year’s end), we will be awarding the student with the best attendance record a mini iPod or $50 Visa Giftcard. The class with the best attendance record with a special class trip.Check our classes’ progress below!

AlephChamp Home Work Chart:

At the end of Hebrew Reading time, students are given a Homework Card with their color level and page(s). Homework is found by going to Student Space>AlephChamp Homework or by clicking HERE. (An email with each student’s homework will also be sent to parents on Monday morning along with a link to the weekly newsletter/blog). We ask that our students review their homework each day for 5 minutes to increase the fluidity of their reading. Once homework is reviewed, students fill out our online Review Form stating that the homework was completed. Each day of the week the Review Form is filled out, your child gets another point on his/her Aleph Champ Chart. Every 50 points on the Aleph Champ Chart is a delicious ice cream cone 