In addition to Prayer, Hebrew Reading, and a spiraling Holiday curriculum, each class explores this (exclusively-ours, but internationally-used) curriculum:


 “Alef-for-Avraham” – A scrapbook of mitzvot and Torah personalities, introduced in the order of the Alef-Bet

Grade 1: The Book of Genesis

 “In the beginning, G‑d created the world” and filled it with people. But, oh, the journey was not so smooth. Meet the personalities of the 1st Book of the Torah, the Book of Genesis. Learn their stories and think about the choices we would make in their situation. We make a creative scrapbook to go along.

Grade 2: The Book of Exodus

 I am a free American kid. Why should I care about the slavery and exodus? Once we explore the full story, I can find myself right in the text! How’d the Jews get to Egypt? What was life like for them? What was the pathway towards freedom, all has what to teach us in our lives today!

Grade 3: Torahpedia

Torahpedia covers a spectrum of mitzvot, exposing the students to the multi-faceted and incredibly interesting practices that comprise our Jewish religion.

Grade 4: The Desert…Where we Learned to Become a Cohesive People

The 40 year journey in the desert, post exodus, has a lot to teach us about our lives as we explore the struggles and triumphs of our people as we struggled to attain an identity

Grade 5: Our Jewish Town

 This fun course imagines that we are building a Jewish Town. We have a synagogue, a kosher restaurant, a Judaica shop, etc. We then explore the many mitzvot that surround these spaces.

Grade 6: Jewish Life Cycles

 Mazal Tov! Each of our students “gives birth” to a set of twins and follows “their” children through the colorful and meaningful life cycle events

Grade 7: Big Ideas

 In this last year of Hebrew School, we engage in in-depth explorations of big ideas that are of particular interests to the students. The topics are selected with the students’ input.

Wednesday Program for Grades 6-7:

Year 1: Walk of Fame

A selection of colorful Biblical personalities – some whom the students met before, and some new ones – each with a fabulous story and a powerful lesson 

Year 2: Ethics, based on Pirkei Avot

Viewed through the lens of the Talmudic sages, the contemporary American child meets his life today!