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Updated Information
I verify that all the information on the form sent home is correct and up to date
The form requires changes and the changes are listed below
I filled out the medical form for each of my child(ren) for the new school year of 2020-21
Please update the following information:
Payment & Tuition
EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT: Full payment by August 10, 2020 entitles you to a 5% discount!
I would like my children to join Hebrew School this year via: In-Person Sessions
Sundays 9:00-10:30
Hebrew School At-Home
Sundays 11:00-12:00
Grades K-5 Sundays $795
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Grades 6 & 7 Sundays & Wednesdays $975
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I wish to pay by: Check Credit/Debit Card
Checks should be made payable to Breitman Family Hebrew School (BFHS), and sent to Chabad Center at 3048 Valley Road in Basking Ridge, New Jersey, 07920. A fee of $25 will be charged for a return check.
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Enrollment Agreement
To enroll your child(ren) in Chabad Hebrew School, please confirm that all your information is up to date and filling out a new medical/allergy form. Your application will not be processed without the required forms and fees.
Full payment due at the beginning of the school year, September 13, 2020
Enrollment is considered to be for the entire scholastic year. There will be no refunds even if the child is absent due to illness, holidays, vacations and snow days, or should the parents decide to withdraw the child from the program.
In the event that tuition is not paid, BFHS reserves the right to debit your Credit/Debit card, plus a $25 processing fee
Parent acknowledges that the BFHS serves children who are able to function successfully in a group setting. If, in the judgment of the school's Director, the child is not able to function in a group setting, the parent may be asked to withdraw the child. In the event that the parent is request to withdraw the child, the Director will work with the parent to identify possible alternative programs suitable for the child.
Every effort is made to remain open on all regularly scheduled days. However, if we are forced to be closed or to have a delayed opening, parents will be telephone and/or e-mailed by 8am. if parent does not answer phone, a message will be left on the answering machine.
Parents allow for child(ren)'s picture to be used for internal PR mailing and website where name is not given. Parents allow for child(ren)'s photograph/name released to newspapers where last name will not be given. If not, please contact us.
By submitting and initialing this form, parents accept the terms outlined above. both parents must initial
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