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Festivals (Yom Tov)

Festivals (Yom Tov)


As we progress through the year, the Jewish Calendar provides us with oases of inspiration and strength, known as the Festivals. Each Holiday has its particular character and message; all are important opportunities for reconnecting with ourselves, our loved ones and our G‑d.


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SUKKOT - Begins at sundown on Wednesday, October 8

  • Morning Services on October 9, 10, 11, 16, 17
  • Evening Services on October 8, 9, 10, 15, 16 (see below)
  • Enjoy the kiddush luncheon in the Sukkah; shake the Lulav!
  • Yizkor Memorial Prayer, Thursday, October 16 – approximately 11am. Click here for Yizkor Information

SIMCHAT TORAH - Begins at sundown on Wednesday, October 15

  • What a service! This might just be the fun-nest service of the year!
  • The Family Service begins at 6pm, followed by the Adult Service (kids are surely welcome!) at 7pm.

CHANUKAH - First Candle on Tuesday, December 16

Blend Friday Night Shabbat Service with Chanukah! Enjoy a special kiddush (and admire Jane Appelbaum’s dreidel collection!)

PURIM - Begins at sundown on Wednesday, March 4

Get your masks and groggers ready …. here we go! Each year we celebrate with a wild Megillah reading. Everyone is encouraged to come in costume!

PASSOVER - Begins at sundown on Friday, April 3

  • Evening Services: April 4 (followed by Community Seder*); April 9, 10 – 7:30pm
  • Daytime Services: Shabbat April 4; April 5; April 10; April 11. Daytime services are followed by a Kiddush luncheon with Shmurah Matzah!
  • Yizkor Memorial Prayer, Shabbat, April 11 – approximately 11am. Click here for Yizkor Information

*Join us for our Community Seder on April 4, a fun and creative experience! Space is limited and reservations will be required. Watch this website for more information as the time gets closer.

SHAVUOT - Begins at sundown on Saturday, June 23

  • Evening Services: May 23, 24 – 7:30pm
  • All-Night Study Session, May 23 at 10pm
  • Daytime Services: Sunday, May 24, May 25 – 9:30am. All daytime services are followed by a dairy Kiddush luncheon!
  • Yizkor Memorial Prayer, Monday, May 25 – approximately 11am.Click here for Yizkor Information
  • Join us for our Ice Cream Party & Services: Sunday, May 24th – 11am (Note: This follows the Hebrew School end-of-year celebration)

Tisha B’Av – Begins at Nightfall, Saturday, August 25

Considered the saddest day on the Jewish calendar, a day we mourn the destruction of the Temples of old, we read the Book of Lamentations in a mournful tune. Services are 9:15pm.